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PU FOAM (Double Bell)

Invented in 1931 to replace more expensive natural resources like rubber, Poly Urethane (PU) Foam is an artificial material formed by the reaction of Isocyanate and Polyol. Poly Urethane products offer various densities and flexibilities to cover wide range of applications such as automotive seat, insulator, furniture and bedding. It is the most widely used material nowadays due to its long-lasting comfort, durability, light weight and affordability. 

Our Double Bell’s Poly Urethane Foam bedding products are manufactured by open-molded process to ensure the extra softness and firmness of the products. With the density of 55 kg/m3, our bedding products have weight distribution and pressure reduction properties for your comfortable and sleep. Double Bell’s bedding products are hypoallergenic, bacteria-free, toxic-free and environmental-friendly.  These are an ideal choice of the better quality of sleep for you and your beloved family.


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