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Memory foam (Acme)

First developed in 1966 for aircraft cushion by NASA, “Memory Foam” or “Viscoelastic Polyurethane Foam” has been widely used nowadays, especially for health care products, furniture parts and automotive seats. With its unique viscosity and density, memory foam provides exceptional comfort, unlike any other foam. This means memory foam will be softened and molded to perfectly fit body contour when exposed to body temperature and pressure. As soon as the warmth and weight against it is removed, memory foam will recover its original shape. The shape recovery quality lasts a decade! 

Now you can experience the ultimate comfort of memory foam with ACME memory foam pillows, mattresses and cushions. What position you favor during sleeping - on your side or on your back? ACME Premium Memory Foam Pillow is one choice that accommodates all sleeping positions. It has been ergonomically designed to fully support your head and neck to reduce pressure and allow better blood circulation. Through appropriate aligning of your neck and spine, sleeping discomfort (e.g., tension, pain, ache, and snore) is minimized for the restful sleep. Moreover, open cell foam texture allows air flow and heat release; therefore, the pillow provides cool touch all night long.

ACME memory foam products are resistant to dust mites, hypoallergenic and non-toxic, tested by the Intertek Testing Service (ITS). All products come with removable cover which can be washed. The inner foam is unwashable; you can just wipe it clean with moist cloth.


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