One Stop Process

Mold Maker

Tooling is another important process that Great Foam Group put great important in, as all of our products are molded foam, therefore all the tooling must have good quality and is according to international standard.

Great Foam Group is certified ISO9001 in Manufacturing of Molds. We have team of experts that oversee the process from designing until the manufacturing of molds in order to get the product that is required.

All the process requires expertise as the flow of the foam or reduction of foam need to be accounted for in the designing process.

There are 2 types of processing: CNC and Sand Casting, CNC is use mostly for smaller parts and parts that required fine appearances whereas Sand Casting is mostly for bigger parts such as Automotive Seat Cushions.

Our CNC Machine has tolerance of only 100 microns, which the smallest working table is 650 x 1200 mm and the biggest mold we can produce is 1500 x 2000 mm

In terms of sand casting, the process begins with use rigid foam to do the master parts and then we cast the Aluminum into that parts to create the mold. All of this process is control and certified with ISO9001 standard