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GF Flexi Foam

GF Flexi Foam or better known as Flexible Polyurethane foam is widely used in many industries such as automotive industries, furniture industries, and bedding industries. The reason that its popular is because of its versatility, flexibility, and its durability. This also includes special properties such as excellent flame-retardant property.

Great Foam Group has experience and knowledge in developing GF Flexi Foam for various applications, such as softness for furniture seating, Foam in Film for products that require waterproof / soundproofing properties or even PU Foam for sealing.


In automotive industries, GF Flexi Foam is used widely such as for backrest, seat cushions, armrest, fender, etc. Great Foam Group has an experienced team that specializes in developing for automotive industries under APQP Standard in the IATF16949 accredited standards. Our company utilizes the strength of being one stop process for PU Foam to deliver product of highest quality while maintaining competitive pricing and ability to adapt to any of customer’s requirements

Backrest, Seat Cushion, Headrest

Able to produce both Single hardness and Dual hardness

Floor Carpet

PU Foam is use as a carpet that is underneath the floor of the car


This type of foam is use to provide cushioning in the armrest whether it is Center Armrest or Side Armrest. Conventional way is the foam will be inject separately and then attached to plastic substrate and upholstered with either fabric or leather. More modern way that Great Foam Group can do is that we can inject the foam in mold together with the substrate, this way we can save the cost for attaching the foam to the substrate and thus reducing the cost

Fender Stuffer

Fender Stuffer is typically use in A Pillar or Wheel hub for soundproofing and waterproofing between engine room and passenger room. To achieve those properties, the use of vacuuming process of PU Film and PU Foam is being applied. This is to ensure that there is no gap between the components and that the shape is being molded as exactly needed.

Insulator Foam

Insulator Foam (PU) is widely used in the engine room as PU Foam has superior insulation properties and can functioning in a high temperature environment


Great Foam group specialize in molded foam which requires capabilities in Tooling, Injection Process, and insert making. The Molded Foam process results in a more durable and more comfortability in its usage.

In furniture industry, Great Foam Group has done various works in designing and manufacturing, starting from the structural insert (woods, metal plate, etc) towards the injection of foam into the mold. By using this process, it ensures that every product is consistent in dimension and in quality. This process combines all the strength of Great Foam Group

Healthcare Industry

Flexi Foam for healthcare products

Flexi Foam for healthcare products is widely use for meditation seats, cushions, mattresses, etc . The standard of foam is equivalent to the one use in automotive industry which is notably more durable and offer more flexibility than conventional foam


Foam for Alert Warning

A foam that uses specifically as a warning sign or warning for blockage. With the bright colors, makes it clearly visible in close and longer range.