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GF Memory Foam

GF Memory Foam or Viscoelastic Foam is a PUR Low Resiliency Foam (LR) which is create by a special curated formulation of Great Foam

We have emphasis our formulation to offer excellent distribution of pressure points and good weight support

GF Memory Foam is produced by Aluminum Mold which ensure that the foam is more durable and can offer better body support over time

Our foam is use in many industries such as Healthcare or Furniture

Healthcare Industry

Great Foam has developed our own memory foam formulation which is a high-density memory foam that provides greater distribution of pressure point & lower rebound rates which provide support while you are sleeping.

We have also work with many customers in the healthcare segments in the pasts, such as pillows/mattress brands, spa/wellness industry.

Over the years, we have many product ranges with various options that our customers can choose from. We are open to develop together with our customers and focus to be a trusted OEM Partners.