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GF Rigid Foam

GF Rigid Foam, in a nutshell, is a PU Foam which has a hard surface. It is mainly known for superior insulation properties, its lightweighted, able to absorb impact energy, and good with structural properties.

In Great Foam Group, the application of GF Rigid Foam is divided into 3 types, depending on the density and the usage of the materials:

GF Insulation Foam

GF Insulation Foam or Low-Density Insulation Foam is a foam that is mainly used for its insulation purposes. Comparing to other materials, GF Rigid Foam has superior insulation properties by having the least K Values, this means that GF Rigid Foam uses less material to provide same insulation properties, this lead to lightweight of usages. The main application is use in cooling tank, ice box, or as a panel for housing, etc.

GF EA Foam

GF EA Foam or Low-Density Energy Absorption Foam is a specialized foam which is curated to maximize the energy absorption ability, meaning that it can absorb a lot of impact energy. This type of foam is mainly use underneath the steering wheel to absorb the impact and prevent the crushing to the driver.

GF Insulation Foam

GF Structural Foam or High-Density Structural Foam typically ranging from 500kg/m3 – 800kg/m3.

This type of foam also known as imitation wood, it is able to use as a structural support for many applications such as dental frame, chair inserts, etc.