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GF Skin Foam

GF Skin Foam is an PU Integral Skin Foam or commonly known as Microcellular PUR Foam. GF Skin Foam has flexibility while remains its toughness and is highly abrasive resistance. The production process also provide cost saving as in one injection process, we can get both Foam inner layer and skin outer layer. This means that after injection, no further upholstery process is needed. Usually in this type of foam, the mold texture is being etch into various texture depending on the application and the design we want.

GF Skin Foam is mostly use in seatings, laboratory stools, automotive interiors, or other heavy-duty applications.


Front Console

In more high end cars which need a more sophisticated looks, the use of GF Skin Foam is prevalent as the texture provide a premium looks and can be use as components to provide decorative feels.

Grab Handle

Grab Handle is use mainly as a handle bar inside a bus, trains, metro, etc. The heavy-duty use is suitable with Handle because GF Skin Foam is able to withstand heavy usages. The texture also provides a good looks and soft feels that provide comfortable touch.


The usage of GF Skin Foam in furniture is mostly for Armrests, Stools, or other waiting chairs. The Skin Foam is injected together with the insert for its strength and aesthetic looks


GF Skin Foam can also be used for other applications, such as use as a cushioning for toilet seats, or Train Station Partition