Viscoelastic Foam

      • Memory Foam 

          Viscoelastic foam known as memory foam are first introduce by the NASA in the 1960s to use as an extra cushion for the astronaut in the space craft. With its ability to contour to any body shapes, the memory foam are subsequently use in the medical setting. Memory foam property provide extra support while reducing bedsores in the case of immobility patients.

        With Great Foam Group’s own memory foam formulation, we have formulate a memory foam that combines the functionality of both firmness and softness. The Firmness is there to provide support as the foam need to support the whole weights (according to the products). The softness is to provide cushions and comfortable feeling throughout the night.

Acmebell is a part of Great Foam Group that we use to showcase our products with the aim to promote high quality products with affordable pricing. We offer products                for every body parts with options for high quality memory foam, durable flexible foam, and micro memory foam.

      • Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane Foam are made from polyurethane products, the same material that use to produce automotive seats. The materials is durable and provide superb comforts

    Healthcare : Acmebell

Acmebell is Great Foam Group’s brand in producing high quality pillows and mattresses. All Acmebell products are produce from Great Foam’s own materials which features high density memory foam products that will surely gives you a touch to remember!

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