Flexible Foam

Flexible foam are the most common type of foam that are found in everyday lives today. There are wide ranges of applications for Flexible Foam such as Automotive seats, Sofa Cushions, Mattresses, Pillows, etc. Flexible Foam is well known for its superior comfort and durability

Having blend our own formulation, it is vital that our formulation comply with international standards. Therefore, all of our formulation have pass important industry standards such as fire flammability test, strength, durability, etc.

Adjustable specifications: many foam properties can be adjusted through fine tuning chemical formulations, or the injection ratio. At Great Foam, our chemical experts can help optimize our formulation and production according to your requirements

         Automotive Seat , Cushion and Sofa

      • Single Hardness
      • Dual Hardness

   Cushion and Sofa




Floor Carpet

floor carpet