One Stop Process for PU Foam Products
Our products are in wide range of industries, we do OEM/REM according to customer requirements with competitive price while emphasize on product quality

High flexibility while provide great comfortability and durability.

GF Flexi Foam

Self-Skinned PU Foam which the skin texture that can be create in one injection process, highly durable.

GF Skin Foam

Offers superb insulation properties and is light comparing to other materials

GF Rigid Foam

High density GF Memory Foam helps with distribution of pressure point resulting in a high-quality sleep

GF Memory Foam

One Stop Process
We are specializing in all process of PUR Foam production, such as Chemical Blending, Mold Maker, PU Injection Machine, and Insert Maker
Our Vision

To be a leading Thai’s Polyurethane Foam manufacturer, develop products through innovation across all industries, and be a Thai Brands that is known in the international markets

Trust in our quality with certified system and many prestigious awards

Certified with ISO9001:2015 & IATF16949:2016 with both PU Production and production of Mold. Moreover, many awards domestically and internationally in recent years

2013 - Prime Minister_s Industry Award SME

Prime Minister’s Industry Award : SME

2021 - Prime Minister_s Outstanding Mana

Prime Minister’s Outstanding Managament Award : SME

2021 - Prime Minister_s Global SME Award

Prime Minister’s Global SME Award

2018 - SME Award -01

SME Award 2018

2018 - SME Award - 02

SME Award 2018

2016 - GM Supplier

GM Supplier Quality Excellence Award

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