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The Story of Great Foam Group

Great Foam Group

Begins from hard work and determination

The beginning of the interest in Polyurethane Foam industry is inspired by our first ever customer DRS Auto Seat that if ‘manager’ (Mr. Sakda is referred as manager because of his previous experience in Provincial Electricity Authority) can produce PU Foam Car Seats, we will buy it from you. This inspires Mr. Sakda to start Great Foam Group which consists of Great Foam Products Co., Ltd and GF Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Back in 1987, Mr. Sakda starts injecting PU Foam Car seats by researching the formulation and processes by himself. With 2,000 THB investment and the usage of house garage as a production site, he founded a company under the name Special Foam Co., Ltd. Mr. Sakda has basic knowledge on mechanical and electrical, however he doesn’t have any knowledge on the principle of PU Foam, which makes it very difficult to start the company

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way” with his hard work and dedication to succeed, he’s able to produce basic PU Products and the company earns about 200,000-300,000 THB per month.

Steps into Automotive industry and expand to other industries

After Mr. Sakda decided to move into automotive industry full time because of its growth, he decided to open first full-scale factory at Wor Por Aow 11 in Samutsakorn and change company name to ‘Great Foam Products Co., Ltd’ in 1989. Mrs. Narachatapan Tocharoen, joined the company at this time as management and sales manager of the company. This resulted in higher sales revenue and expansion into other industries such as furniture (office chairs), construction (piping insulation). This expansion resulted in company moving to a new location in Soi Sukhaphibal 9, Kratumban, Samutsakorn (current location) in 1997.

Great Foam Group development is coming slowly but surely. Due to the budget constraints, the company focus on developing their own know how. In the early stages, the company relies on Mr. Sakda experience and knowledge. Mr. Sakda hobby is to browsing around in Klongtom (second hand store area) for old equipment such as motor, stainless, etc.

“Buy values products and innovates”

“Produce for internal use and develop until able to sell to the market”

Flexible through any changes

The company growth fluctuates with economic and automotive trend, revenue is growing in 1997 and decreases in 1998,1999 as Thailand is dealing with economic crisis. Therefore, the company shifted towards developing finished good products to increase the business value. This leads to the company investing in production line / sewing line for pillows & mattresses to reduce reliant on automotive industry. The company emphasize on using flexibility to shift through the ever-changing environments, this results in company come back from the economic recession.

Apart from adding pillow production line, in 1999 the company founded GF Manufacturing Co., Ltd as manufacturer of PU Low Pressure, PU High Pressure Machine and PU Semi-Automatic Block Foaming Machine, selling both domestically and internationally. We are the only Thai company that added to the Vendor List of United Nation Development Program (UNDP) to export machines to developing countries such as Myanmar, Vietnam, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates, Japan, India, Kazakhstan, and Nigeria

Expand market internationally with new managing concept

In 2000, the company shifted in its management style, changing from traditional way to a more modern standardized way. The new way focus in creating a trustworthy & capable team that have clear authority and responsibility, create a more progressive sales & product development team, and shift it focus from industrial products to consumer products.

During this time, the company developed new products which is ‘Viscoelastic foam’ or commonly known as Memory Foam. This is a new technology for NASA that they use for astronauts, which is used to distribute pressures and can greatly support bodyweight for a long time.

In 2001, company begins the plan to get certified QS9000. By using the consultant from Thailand Automotive Institute (TAI), the company was awarded Best SME Company from Ministry of Industry (2 times), including certificate for QS9000:2000. This consider to be a starting point for improving the standard and the start of working towards OEM Markets

New Factory for new opportunities and developing for International Standard

In 2005, the company start to develop insulation foam for using as a Roof Liner in Toyota Yaris, by having new product line, the space in Kratumban plant becomes limited and can’t support the growth. Therefore, the company start to think about expansion and in late 2005, the company bought the area in Bangpakong, Chachoengsao in order to look for new opportunities in the market as the location is close to many OEM factories

In 2006, the organization is awarded ISO/TS 16949:2002 and ISO9001:2000 as this is the minimum standard requirement for Automotive Industry

In 2007, we start to move some of the production line to Bangpakong plant and development of new production line is underway for our first ever OEM Customer: Johnson Control & Summit Interiors Co., Ltd, manufacturing parts for Chevrolet and TATA Pickup Truck

In 2009, the company earn more trust and confidence in the automotive industry, and got selected as supplier for Ford Foam Seating Supplier for both domestic and international markets. The company earned this opportunity through determination to develop products quality and services

More Awards recognition with 100% Growth in sales revenue

In 2009, the company earned a proud recognition for our High-Pressure Machine awarded the Machinery Awards from the Ministry of Science and Technology

In 2010, for management and marketing purposes, the company separate the managing of Krathumban and Samutsakorn plant into separate entities: GF Manufacturing Co., Ltd focus on automotive aftermarkets, furniture, healthcare, machines and injection molding, whereas Great Foam Products Co., Ltd focus solely on Automotive OEM

In 2013, after 26 years of operating, Great Foam Group is proud that GF Manufacturing is awarded the Prime Minister’s Award for best SME company on 14th November 2013 at Government House

Starting from zero, over 26 years the company has build its experiences and its expertise and our company is determined to be a one stop process for Polyurethane Product with high product quality, with modern technology and competitive pricing

Start our own healthcare brand: Acmebell

In 2015 GF Manufacturing Co., Ltd opened its flagship store for our own healthcare brand Acmebell which focus on producing high quality memory foam for bedding, pillows, and cushions. The first shop opened at Paseo Park Kanchanapisek, later the company open the showroom at both of Krathumban and Bangpakong Factory until present day

In 2016, Great Foam Products Co., Ltd has policy to increase revenues while controlling the expenses and not rely on only automotive industries. Therefore, the aim is to use the various application of PU Materials to develop new products in many industries. This thinking inspires the start of the new production line which integrates Water Base and Bio Technology into our healthcare products which follow the environmental trends in the market

“Being able to help the society into a better future is the proudest work of all

“Buy values products and innovates”

“Produce for internal use and develop until able to sell to the market”